Google’s Fred Algorithm Has Shaken the SEO World

For those who don’t know the ins and outs of how Google operates, the search engine runs an algorithm which determines the importance of web pages, and this is how results are ranked. To keep the results relevant, Google update their algorithm daily, however, occasionally a larger scale update is rolled out, which can have huge repercussions for your company’s search engine optimisation.

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How Will Social Media Dictate the UK General Election?

It’s been a turbulent few months for politics; Trump has been elected, Brexit happened and in France, there has been a hotly contested election campaign. All of these political landmarks have had an input that traditionally hasn’t been included…social media. Due to this, we have taken a look at how important the social channels are to the upcoming general election.

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Chester Marketing Agency is Flying

In a time when digital marketing, and particularly social media, is growing at a phenomenal rate, we as an agency have taken a forward step to continue growing our knowledge. To stay relevant on social media is crucial, and to do this, we have recently completed the Twitter Flight School course which allows us to market ourselves as “Twitter experts”.

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Urban Landscapes’ New Responsive Website is Unveiled

After several months of research, planning, design and coding, we are extremely pleased to announce that Urban Landscapes’ new, responsive website is live!

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How Does Age Alter our Video Viewing Habits?

The way we receive marketing varies drastically depending on our age. Obviously, this is nurture over nature, and those of us who have been brought up in the digital age are more susceptible to digital platforms such as video, whilst older generations tend to engage more with traditional mediums such as print. Of course, this isn’t an iron cast rule, it’s simply sticking to what we know.

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