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Eclipse is an email marketing agency serving clients in the North West of England.

We focus 100% on the design, construction, deployment and strategy of your email campaigns and newsletters.providing innovative, stylish, result driven email campaigns for your business.

We pride ourselves on providing innovative, stylish, result driven email campaigns for your business or brand.

Targeted email marketing offers a smart and effective opportunity for immediate engagement with your current and potential clients or customers. Here at Eclipse we offer an extensive mix of email marketing services across a range of sectors including B2B and B2C.

Our experienced marketing team can manage the process from start to finish – from data acquisition and planning, right through to email broadcasts and post campaign evaluation.

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Our email marketing service includes:

• Data acquisition and management
• Strategic campaign planning and post campaign evaluation
• Campaign creative and HTML email design
• Email broadcasts with detailed tracking and reporting

Targeted email campaigns

We have relationships with credible data providers within the UK and can provide detailed databases for both B2B and B2C prospect data. We can also manage your own data, deal with duplication and take care of any opt-outs that occur during the campaign.

Strategic email campaign planning

Our team of marketing professionals will look at your business and identify innovative and effective ways of reaching your target markets via email. Our experience means we are also able to advise on areas where additional functionality or interactivity could add value e.g. tracking, landing pages, microsites or data capture.

Why choose Eclipse as your email marketing agency?

Eclipse has a proven track record of carrying out optimised and profitable email marketing campaigns that deliver the right marketing message at the right time. We provide a complete email marketing service for the production of HTML emails from concept development and design through to production testing and measurement. Your email is not just looked at from a technical perspective, but fully thought through by our creative team and designed by our team of skilled email campaign designers ensuring your communication engages your customers.

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