Conversational Marketing with Chatbots

You’ve probably heard of chatbots before, but have you ever heard the term ‘conversational
marketing’? Probably not!

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What is Conversational Marketing?

Conversational marketing is essentially marketing that takes place in real time.

As you could imagine, this is not a new concept – people have been doing it for years! Think door-to-
door salespeople or telesales. However, with the rise of technology, it has grown to mean something
that is more along the lines of live chat or chatbots.

Essentially, conversational marketing helps your business to answer customer queries as and when
they arise. This means that you can develop an immediate relationship with your customers and
build rapport straight from the get-go.

When people can quickly access the information that they need, they are much more likely to convert.
This is where chatbots come in. Eclipse can set up a chatbot or live chat function on your website to
help you convert more customers and boost sales.

Chatbots for business

At Eclipse, our chatbots/live chat functions are built with your business in mind. You can choose the
setup that’s right for your business and have custom pop-ups created that are specific to your
consumers’ needs. What’s more, we’ll help you to utilise the function to its fullest, and give our
recommendations based on almost 30 years of industry expertise.

With the right chatbot, your target customers can easily get in touch with you and receive a timely
response to their questions. Alternatively, you could have a live chat function, so that you can have a
true one-to-one experience with your customers.

Why choose Eclipse to build your business chatbot?

Our web team have extensive knowledge of setting up chatbots and live chat functions. We even
have a chatbot on our very own website, so you can rest assured that it’s something we know works.

We strive to understand your target consumer’s needs and provide a chatbot to suit. Whether you
need a multi-level, complex bot, or a simple chat box, Eclipse have the knowledge and skill to make
your business chatbot the ideal tool. Our expertise spans across a multitude of different sectors and
so we are sure to have experience working with a similar sector to yours.

If you’d like to learn more about our conversational marketing solutions, or to chat about specific
chatbot/live chat functions, give us a call on 01244 347 545. Alternatively, you can email us at
[email protected] and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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