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Digital marketing is not as simple as knowing how many visitors you are getting to your site it’s important that you have an analytics & reporting process in place.

Understanding how effectively each marketing channel works in terms of driving traffic and what visitors do once they are at your site right through to conversion is integral to your Digital marketing campaign.

Our web analytics & reporting services allow you to track, measure, report and optimise your digital marketing activity to ensure you get the results you want.

We know all the ins and outs of web and social analytics and offer expert Google Analytics installation services, or an audit of its configuration if you already have Google Analytics installed to ensure you are gaining the maximum benefits for your business.

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Why have web analytics in place

Having analytics in place allows you to understand where your website traffic is coming from, understand what your visitors are doing once they are on your site and get a clear picture of your key performance indicators including conversion rates, data capture and product purchases.
Monitoring traffic in this way allows you to quickly recognise trends and understand how effective your digital spend is – meaning you get the most from your website.

Why choose Eclipse web analytics agency

At Eclipse we offer a full range of reporting options from simple website traffic analysis and trends to more complex behavioural and conversion analysis and tracking of online advertising and email campaigns.
Our web analytics and reporting services include:

• Total and unique number of visitors
• Traffic sources
• Time on site
• Page visits
• Conversion rates
• Conversion funnels
• Returning visitors

By understanding and acting on your analytical data you can connect with your potential customer base more effectively.
Our web analytics team have helped many clients understand and improve the way their website performs and increase the effectiveness of their online marketing spend as a result.
By working across a broad range of sectors including new homes, motors, law, travel, technology, leisure and b2b, Eclipse have the knowledge and experience to help you get more from your website and increase your return on investment.


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