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Eclipse helps companies develop powerful corporate identities

Eclipse are brand and corporate identity creative consultants who develop and create brand identities and logos with a consistently high level of creative excellence. We have worked on a broad range of visual identity projects for large companies through to small start-ups.

A corporate identity is the most important visual representation of your company’s service and product offering. At Eclipse, our designers create and capture the vision and desired approach to give your brand the best competitive edge.

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All of our projects are based on results. Everything we develop has a strategy behind it. Our clients and how their market behaves and responds is at the core of everything we create and deliver. Our focus is to create strategic identities and logos that differentiate our clients from their competitors, while providing brand recognition and strong effective company values.

Our corporate identity services include the following core skills:

A successful logo/corporate identity begins with understanding your company’s vision, objectives and aspirations. We work with you to understand the elements that differentiate your services or products from your competitors and help your company grow. From the initial outset we consider every touch point that your target market will experience, from marketing campaigns and print material through to your digital exposure, adding value at every stage of the cycle.

• Name generation

• Brand logo, symbol and corporate identity development

• Corporate identity guidelines and principles

• Market research and brand positioning

• Strategy and planning

At the core of our agency, we have a team of creative designers and consultants who have been applying their creative experience for over 25 years, providing intelligent visual identities to a diverse range of sectors.

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