Local SEO tips

Local SEO Tips

Would you like to reach more people in your local area? Or maybe you have premises in different locations and you want to know how to rank each of them? Looks like you need some tips on local SEO. Keep on reading to find out how to do it.

Working with Eclipse

The Benefits of Working with Eclipse

The Eclipse team is a very close one, and as such, we’ve put a lot of thought into the kind of work culture we want to promote. So, here are just a few of the things that you get back when working with Eclipse!

Eclipse launch new Smartpractice website

Eclipse Launch New SmartPractice Website

SmartPractice is a childcare consultancy based in Chester… And we’ve just launched their brand new website!

How to use WordPress

WordPress 101

WordPress is one of the simplest and most popular content management systems to use today. However, many businesses – agencies, too – are doing things wrong. Here’s how to do it right.

Does your business need a mobile app?

Does your business need a mobile app?

Mobile apps can be very lucrative for businesses. However, certain products or services are more suited for them than others… Which begs the question: How do you know if your business needs a mobile app? Here are some pointers from us to help you decide.

7 ways to increase Facebook engagement

7 ways to increase Facebook engagement in 2019

Facebook’s algorithm has now reached crazy levels of uncooperative. You’re lucky if a post reaches even 5% of your page’s audience, never mind people outside of your page. So, how do you increase Facebook engagement in 2019 so that more people see your stuff? We’ll tell you.

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